8 mm Smalku Auto Riepas Kasetne Piepūšanas Sūkņa Vārsts spaiļu Adapteri



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Heavy-duty copper construction for strength and durability.

Solid brass construction and chrome plating for durability and resistance to corrosion, easy cleanup, and good looks.

Can be the fixed regular fast connector to inflate.

The spring is easy to depress and strong enough to stay in place.

Be fixed to fast valve connector to inflate along with air pump.

Air passes through freely and works without a valve core.

With the precise design, air doesn’t leak out of the chuck when not connected.

Easy to operate, plugs open flow air chuck into the hose and hooks it to the valve stem.

Suitable for inflating tires of cars, motorcycles and electric cars.


Color: Golden

Material: Brass

Inflating nozzle diameter: 8mm


Suitable for : 8mm bore hose, car, garage and industrial air line systems use, etc.

Suitable for garage and industrial air line systems use;

Used for tire inflation of car truck, motorcycle, electric vehicle.

The air inlet connector is quick inflating nozzle connector, matched used with air compressor.

Made from High - grade material, the operation is simple, convenient and quick.

Package Includes:1 x Air Chuck

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